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About Us

A little about how we began and where we are going.

We started FZG Loans as a division of The Fernandez Group because of the tremendous lack of financial literacy within our communities.

Most people recognize real estate to be an important investment, however, many don’t realize real estate can be both an asset and a liability.

As a liability, real estate debt simply takes money out of your household for the next 30+ years in the form of monthly mortgage payments, with ongoing repairs, maintenance and tax liabilities. When financing is not positioned properly monthly payments both short and long-term may be detrimental with any unexpected changes in personal finances or in the economy.

As an asset, real estate can provide many opportunities over an above tax benefits and long-term appreciation. Opportunities include the potential to leverage equity to make additional investments, purchasing rental property for passive cash flow, paying off high interest debt, college tuition and much more.

My mission is to help real estate investors, buyers and owners make better decisions with more data points when making short-term and long-term plans regarding their real estate.

Over the years we have developed a team of industry veterans with over 80 years of combined experience in the areas of finance, management, marketing, real estate and technology.

So far we have closed over 1200 transactions and have funded over $300 million.

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